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Rules & Regulations

General Instructions

  The student is required to have the College dress code & White apron.

  Each student is required to have in possession with an identity card issued by the institute and will have to deposit at the time of submitting clearance certificate. The student must produce it, as and when asked for students will not be allowed to enter in the college campus if they do not posses identity card.

  A student is required to see the notice put on the notice board of the institute. The Institute is not responsible for loss of any advantage by a student but to his/her failure to read the notice in time.

  The principal reserve the right to strike off the names of the students from the Roll if the students remain absent for long period or on account of misconduct.


  Every student should check the percentage of attendance from time to time and the parents / guardians also should keep and watch in regard to the percentage of attendance of their sons/daughter/wards and progress in studies. According to present ordinance every student must attend at least 75% of Lectures, Laboratory classes and must complete class work, term work and sessional work for being eligible to appear at the Examination. The Institute does not undertake the responsibility to intimate the shortage of attendance of any student unless asked for.

  If any of statement made in application form or any information supplied by the candidate in connection with his/her admission at any time found to be false or incorrect, his/her admission will be cancelled, fees shall be forfeited and he/she may be expelled from the institute.

  The candidate once admitted to the course shall be abiding by all rule and regulation prescribed by the institute.


No Student will be allowed to appear for the annual examination unless:

  • He/she has paid all dues.
  • He/she has completed all the practical record books duly checked by the concerned authority.
  • He/she has requisite percentage of attendance.
  • He/she has submitted clearance certificate.